Fashion without the Fortune’s Guide to Nordstrom Rack

October 29, 2015

Even though Nordstrom Rack is the discount version of Nordstrom, it can still be a very pricey shopping spree at times.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find some great deals there. They typically have an additional 25% or 30% off clearance at certain times of the month, called clear the rack! Even when clear the rack isn’t going on, we typically shop only in the clearance clothes section because they have a large selection of nice stuff, then we meander to the shoes and accessories to see what’s going on in those departments.

 nordrack ensemb

Like I said before, since their clothing, shoes, and accessories consist of higher priced, name brand designers some of the items you pick up will give you a heart attack when look at the price tag-even if it is on clearance, trust me!

Now, this doesn’t mean all of the high-end designs remain in the higher price range because they don’t. My sister found a pair of Hudson jeans which are originally $200 for only $5- yes that says $5! Even in the shoe section I have seen UGG slippers in all sizes for just $30! One of my most beloved items that I bought from there are a clearance pair of Dolce & Gabana sunglasses for $50. I usually don’t even like to spend that much but they were too pretty to resist and a good deal considering they were $300.

So, it is always worth it to look at the price tags on things you like because sometimes they will surprise you- in a good way! Below, is just a little detail of what we look for when shopping at Nordstrom Rack!


IMG_9807 (1)


Although we are trying to help you guys find really nice clothing and accessory items for super cheap, the one clothing item we tend not to skimp on too much is denim. We absolutely love our jeans-especially the high-rise ones of course since they are super flattering {hide any fat}. And since we wear denim so often and it’s so versatile with outfits, we feel it’s important to buy jeans that you love in every way, from how they fit to how they look.

While we don’t usually spend the Nordstrom price of $200 on good jeans, we do spend around $80 at the Nordstrom Rack price with the exception of the Hudson jeans because I mean that was just insane. And I’m not just limiting good denim to Nordstrom Rack because we have found really nice jeans at Ross, Marshalls, and TjMaxx. And remember always check the sizes on the actual clothing item just to be safe!



Also, another good thing to scan while raiding Nordstrom Rack is the shoe section. When we shop in the shoe section, we don’t limit ourselves just to the clearance shoes because sometimes you can find a good deal on the regular priced shoes especially if they’re not one of the fancier brand names. Their shoe section contains heels, athletic shoes, sandals, flats, and boots from brands like Tory Burch to Vince Camuto they really have an extensive collection.

IMG_9826 (2)


From sunglasses to purses to makeup, Nordstrom Rack has a lot to offer too. We have found quality make up palates, designer sunglasses, and earrings for cheap. Like I said about all the other stores we shop at, it is really a good idea just to peruse the whole store if you have the time. Because sometimes that is when you find the best, unexpected deals.

We understand that Nordstrom Rack is subject to higher prices, so we definitely don’t visit it as often as Marshalls, but we know they have hidden treasures from time to time that makes it one of our favorite stores to shop at!


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  • Reply Joy November 5, 2015 at 7:29 pm

    I love the jacket and jeans! Do you happen to have the UPC for both so I can locate them? Thank you!

    • Reply Kathryn November 6, 2015 at 1:42 am

      Thank you!! We no longer have the tags for either item but the leather jacket is Michael Kors brand, vintage leather.
      The jeans style is Hudson Nico Super Skinny Midrise, style #WM407DIF and color #ABRW. Hope that helps!

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