Summer Staples featuring 8.28 Boutique

July 16, 2018

In the middle of summer, we’re all striving to look cute while staying cool! We want to find pieces that are still stylish, but won’t make us feel hotter than we already are.

This week we’re featuring two gorgeous pieces from 8.28 Boutique that will take you through the summer months and have people asking ‘where’d you get that?!’. Both of these items are staples for a summer wardrobe-a pretty maxi dress and a classic white top!

We’re looking for materials that are breathable and light, but still high quality!

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Nordstorm Anniversary SALE

Nordstrom Sale // Early Access Finds

July 12, 2018

It’s time!! The Nordstrom Sale is hereeee!

I went through the entire sale for you and picked out our must have picks. Now this is the time if you love something buy it!! It may not be there tomorrow-and Nordstrom’s return policy is amazing. So if doesn’t work out when you get it in the mail or pick it up in store, you can easily return it. (Don’t forget Nordstom allows you to buy online & pick up in store!)

We are all about affordability here at Fashion without the Fortune and the best bang for your buck, so our mission is to help you find the best buys from the sale!

We’d love to answer any questions you have about the sale, so don’t hesitate to reach out here on the blog or through Instagram!

Purchases // What we got so far

This B.P. cardi on sale: $31.90


We order this cardi in Oatmeal & Green Botanical and we highly recommend it! It’s super soft and the perfect length. This cardi will go up to $49 after the sale ends. If you get one thing from the sale-I say this is it!!

B.P. Tonya Open Toe Mule

on sale for $49.90 will go up to $79.95

Ok guys, I’m obsessed! I want them in allll the colors but they’re selling fast. The cutout detail makes them super leg lengthening and the heel is comfortable.  10/10 would recommend!

B.P. Remi Zip Combat Boots

on sale $59.90 will go up to $99.95

These are comfortable, slim-not a bulky combat boot! In my opinion they were a touch tight and I’m going to exchange them for a half size up. I tried them on with thinner socks and they still felt tight so I know in the Winter my socks will be thicker and I’ll definitely need more room in the shoe. Perfect if you’re looking for a basic black combat boot.

We have a couple more things coming and will definitely try them on for you and let you know our thoughts!

We’ve broken up everything by category so it’s easy to shop:

Our Must-Haves:

Across all categories these items are definitely our must haves and what we’re ordering for ourselves!


I’d say the shoes are my favorite category this year! SO many good picks!

Tops & Dresses






We’ll have a second post coming on our best buys for men & gifts for others!




Summer Favorite // Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

July 10, 2018

I love summer-schools out, beach days, summer drinks! One of my favorite summer drinks has always been frozen lemonade. When good old Mcds brought out frozen strawberry lemonade a couple years back we were obsessed! It was SO good. So when it disappeared from our lives we needed to figure out could it be recreated….

aaaand it can!

I really think the key to this strawberry lemonade is the strawberry simple syrup. It tastes so fresh and it’s super easy to make!

strawberry simple syrup

you need:

-one pound of strawberries

-two cups of water

-one cup of sugar

-small mesh strainer

(in the future I’m going to double this recipe to make more syrup, it was that good!)


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Nordstorm Anniversary SALE

Nordstrom Anniversary SALE!

July 7, 2018

Ok guys the sale everyoooone talks up is about to start! I really wanted to get feedback on how you all felt about this sale before we bombarded your feeds with Nordstrom Anniversary sale updates, tips, and tricks. Since we received a resounding yesss to share sale info, we are here for you!!!

On July 12 our sale picks will be LIVE so make sure you check back here!

Now this sale is super fun for a couple of reasons:

-You get new brand new merchandise at a discount before it’s sold at regular price

-You get excited for cooler temps, seeing all of the pretty fall & winter pieces

-You get to share in the experience of being a shopping addict like the rest of us

Now that last one miiiight be a stretch haha, but in all seriousness this sale is super fun to shop! There are sooo many pieces in every category you can think of that it can definitely get overwhelming though.

Luckily we’ll go through the sale for you, pick the must have pieces, the best bangs for your buck, and of course affordable finds!

Here are a couple of important dates for you to remember:


sale dates

Our tips for shopping the sale:

Tip #1

Keep checking back. If you love something and it sells out quickly there will most likely be more that come in stock or people will return items! I bookmark the page for the item I love and check back a couple times a day.

Tip #2

You can always return! One thing I love about ordering or shopping in Nordstrom is that the return process is so simple. So if you have doubts order the piece and make sure you return it if you don’t love it when it arrives.

Tip #3

Think ahead. Tee and I always shop for Fall and Winter pieces during the Summer regardless of the store. It is seriously the best time to scoop these types of items {cardigans, coats, boots, scarves} up because in a couple of months you’ll need them and they will be double or triple the price.

So don’t fret that you won’t wear it for a little while. Put it in your closet and you’ll be so happy to have the pieces in a couple of months.

Tip #4

Do not buy something just because it is on sale!!!

Now this can be very hard for us to even do but it is important. Just because something is on sale and there is the element of scarcity don’t buy it. Buy pieces you know you’ll wear and love. During sales like this it’s hard not to go crazy with all the hype.


We will continuously update this post throughout the sale! Under our shop tab we will have all Nordstrom Sale info so it’s easy to find. We can’t wait to shop with you throughout this sale!



How to be a successful Marshalls shopper

July 3, 2018

Our first ever blog post was our guide to shopping Marshalls. We knew when we started this blog we wanted to share with readers our tips and tricks for shopping the store. It was one of the biggest questions  we always got from friends, family, strangers-how are we successful at Marshalls? We were all about sharing our strategies and promoting Marshalls, and we still are!

Which is why we wanted to update our Guide to shopping Marshalls, especially since our reader base has grown over the past couple of years!

We absolutely love Marshalls and as two girls always on the hunt for the best deals on clothing, accessories, etc. we want you to be just as successful shopping there. It is so easy and doesn’t have to be a two hour stop haha.

Don’t ignore Marshalls as a pit stop

What we mean by this is that there are so many items you can just run in and grab at Marshalls. I think sometimes we think if we need a quick item we have to run into a drugstore or Target, Marshalls is too time consuming. False!!

Some items you should definitely be running into Marshalls for: 

Gift bags, any type of greeting card, soaps/lotions/body wash, small gifts (candy, gourmet chocolates), hair tools, nail polish, phone accessories, party supplies, and SO MUCH MORE!

You can get the cutest greeting cards & gift bags for UNDER $2! I refuse to pay almost $8 for a birthday card for someone when I can get an even cuter one at Marshalls.               

Hit Marshalls up before travelling

Every essential you need before a trip is at Marshalls for a fraction of the cost. Suitcases, packing cubes, backpacks, overnight bags, makeup and toiletry bags-are all there.

They have so many different hair care and body care products-and a ton of them in travel size. Their beauty products are high end, salon brands as well as drugstore brands. Sheet masks, sunscreen, makeup, beauty tools-they got you.

Phone accessories and headphones, cute PJs-they’re all there. So next time you’re grabbing some last minute items for a trip check Marshalls. Save yourself some mooooney!

Check every section of the store

Now if you have the time to shop, this is our number one rule. You never know what gem you’re gonna find when you go through the whole store! We check the boy’s shoe section (a huge tip when saving money on some cute Nikes or Adidas sneakers), men’s clothing (you can find some great T’s, flannels, and hoodies), and all the home decor and accessories.

Marshalls food aisles are a must! High end protein powders, Think Thin bars, items you would spend double or triple for at the grocery store line their shelves.


If you have a dog or cat and you’re not shopping at Marshalls you HAVE to start! Everything you could need for your pet (beds, toys, treats, bowls, collars, leashes) is there and it is cheeeap!

A couple other tips:

// Try everything on

Unless you’re good at bringing things home and returning them-try everything on! On our last trip I bought two different tops, one size xs and one size xl, and they both fit perfectly. There are so many different brands you can never assume your size at Marshalls.

// Check for multiples

Marshalls is not really the place you can wait on an item and hope it’s still there in a week. If you really like an item, but want to see if it will go on clearance, check and see if there are multiples. Sometimes they might be misplaced around the store, but if there are a couple of the item you’re interested in you have a better shot of it going on clearance and still being available when it does.

Don’t forget yellow tags mean final clearance!

We’d love to hear if you use any of these tips or tricks and if you were successful in your Marshalls shopping trips! Make sure you share your purchases with us-we’d love to see what you get!!



Summer Essentials

June 26, 2018

Living in Florida, we are hot all year round. I mean we may get those few weeks of winter, but other than that it’s sweat city over here. Not complaining because with that heat comes beach hangs, palm trees, and sunny days!

As a teacher, I’m consistently running around on the job. As a teacher in Florida I’m constantly running around and sweating on the job. I was so tired of being only a couple hours into the school day and feeling like my deodorant had already quit on me. Now as you know, kids have no filter. If something stinks they’re going to let you know! If you have sweat stains ruining your pretty blue blouse, they’re going to let you know!

So here we are today-I moved on to a deodorant that actually does what it is supposed to do-Secret Clinical Strength keeps me dry all day. I don’t have time to be reapplying deodorant multiple times a day, or worry if I’m sweating through my clothes. I’m able to use Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid just once for all-day, strong wetness protection.

Y’all know we don’t recommend a product on here if it isn’t legit so this deodorant is tried and tested in the hot FL sun, and I have to say 10 out of 10 would recommend! I have high standards with my skincare routine, so I needed to have higher standards for my deodorant game. And here we are! I mean if a deodorant can keep up with me on a hot Florida day, in June, at Disney World we have a winner!

Check it out for yourself at Target!

Thank you Secret for sponsoring this post. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own.



Current Summer Makeup Routine

June 19, 2018

{Vanity: Ikea, Decor: Target/Homegoods/Marshalls}

I always have a specific type of makeup look come summer. I love the look of bronzy, glowing skin! It is so hot during the summer that I really don’t like to pile on too much makeup. I try to keep it light while still getting the coverage that I want!

{Last year’s summer beauty faves.}

So here we go-my current favorite products:

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PINSPO // Megan Markle

June 4, 2018

After the Royal Wedding, we knew we had to do a PINSPO post on Megan Markle’s style. She has great everyday style. It’s chic, classic, but she puts her own spin on things!

Her pieces are ones you definitely may already have in your closet, but we also linked some affordable options down below too.

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5 Must Haves for a TROPICAL vacay

May 30, 2018

Ok guys, it’s almost officially Summer, but let’s be real Summertime kickoff is Memorial Day weekend. I don’t care if the season didn’t officially start, the Summertime vibes are here!

If you’re like us the Summer season means tropical beach trips. Whether that’s a trip out of the country or just a weekend adventure down to your local beach or pool, it’s that time of year where we can all act like sun goddesses and bask in the fun of Summer activities.

In order to kickoff this fun vacay season we are sharing our top five must-haves for any beach/tropical trip you may have coming up. Even if it is a staycation, there’s nothing wrong with fanning yourself with some palm leaves and pretending you’re in Tulum!

1. Palm Print 

Does anything scream tropical vacay like palm print pieces?! Just looking at this print puts me in the Summertime mood.

2. Fun, Festive Swimsuits

There are swimsuits and then there are vacay swimsuits. I don’t know about you, but I always feel like we can push the boundaries a little when we wear swimsuits on a tropical vacation! I love buying suits that I might not normally wear because of that vacay yolo.

3. Cute PJs

Now on most of our tropical trips we spend the days at the beach & pool. Which means before we do anything at night we come back to the room, shower, and get ready. PJs are normally a last minute throw in when it comes to packing, but not if you have a cute, comfy pair! You can get ready for the night out in them and then wear them later to sleep.

4. Bright Orange/Red lip

This is a Summer makeup staple for me! You can wear minimal makeup or none really, throw on a bright orange/red lip and you look aaaamazing! It goes so good with a tan and all the bright Summer prints and colors.

5. Summertime Drinkwear 

Now what is more fun then drinking a cold beverage by a pool, than drinking it out of fun festive drinkwear?! Some of these are practical, some not so much-but it’s all about the fun this season!

We’d love to hear about any upcoming tropical vacays you have! Happy Summer!




Last Minute {MOTHER’s Day} Gift Ideas

May 9, 2018

Mother’s Day is less than a week away, and if you haven’t yet thought of a great gift for your mom we have a few ideas to get you through! Our Mother’s Day gift guide last year featured one of our favorite go-to skin care brands which we still LOVE and totally recommend as a great gift for mom. This year we’ve broken down our last minute gifts to a few categories to make sure you get mom exactly what she wants!

SKINCARE loving Mom

HEALTH conscious Mom

FASHION obsessed Mom


We hope you have a wonderful time celebrating your momma! And if you are a mom yourself thank you for all you do on the daily. You all deserve the world!

Happy Mother’s Day!