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Wedding Update #3

June 29, 2021

Not only have I not written a blogpost in so long but the wedding updates completely fell off after the pandemic hit. I was so bummed about our wedding being postponed that I didn’t even want to think about wedding related stuff for the longest time!

We were two weeks out from our original wedding date 3/27/20 when we had to make the call to postpone. Obviously I’m so glad we did because a few days later the world was shut down. A few months later in the scheme of the pandemic/life itself a postponed wedding seemed so trivial. We had a new date 11/19/20 that in the back of my mind I knew wouldn’t happen. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted it to! But I really wanted it to be right.

Wedding planning had been so much fun and we were so excited for all the details we had planned. I couldn’t imagine risking that all and putting our guests in bad situations. So here we are! About five months out from our third wedding date, 12/3/21.

I can’t believe we are finaaaally getting married and the wedding talk has begun again. It is a strange feeling to transport back to all of our original ideas and plans. It feels like that time was so long ago. So much has happened in the world since then. What once was a spring wedding is now a winter wedding but honestly our vision remains the same! I feel excited to start thinking wedding details again. For the past year I honestly couldn’t think about anything wedding related, but now I finally feel like I can see our wedding happening again.

This time with the added addition of our little baby! Things really do change in a year and a half haha!

I am excited to share the remainder of the wedding process with you and all the fun finds and details with you brides to be! Whether you’re a covid bride like myself or just starting the planning process, I hope I can be a good resource! And don’t forget to check out my original wedding posts here!

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