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Wedding Planning: advice from YOU!

January 7, 2019

Last week I asked for any and all advice when it comes to wedding planning. If you’ve planned a wedding before or even if you are currently in the planning process, what was a must-do or a no-go?

I received so many great pieces of advice and wanted to compile them here on our new blog series, Down the Aisle. If you’re in the same boat as myself and want to take in any & allll advice from brides who have already planned and achieved their dream wedding this post is for you!

Thank you again to everyone who participated in this post! It’s been so helpful to hear all of your advice and suggestions.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Is JLo available?? Now I heard this one a few times! Brides said that their wedding planner put out fires and saved the day a few times over. Y’all said your wedding planner actually saved you money with her connections and you’re so happy you hired one.

Keep it cool

Make sure your transportation from ceremony to venue has A/C especially on a hot day. Another tip was to have a portable fan underneath your dress at your reception table. Those big princess gowns can get hot!

Be Organized

Don’t wait till the last minute for things. Keep everything together and organized whether you’re using a planner or a resource like the Knot. Utilizing a timeline like this one can be very helpful too! Having everything together and organized will help with your stress level.

First Look

Having a first look was a suggestion because it gives you alone time together in all the craziness of the wedding day. Some of you said you wished you had done this because it would’ve given you that special moment and the photos would’ve been wonderful memories. It was also a suggestion to ride alone from the ceremony to reception-having that moment to take everything in after becoming husband and wife.

Long Engagement

Another word of advice was to keep the engagement longer rather than shorter for planning purposes. Allowing time to get everything done that you wanted without having to rush through the planning process. Ya’ll also said to enjoy the engagement and don’t get stressed by all the details that come along with planning a wedding.

Create a detailed budget

This one was a big one! So many of you said to make a list of what you want to splurge on and what is not as important to you. I totally understand how important a budget is because weddings are esssspensive. Going through the budget and splurge vs. save list with your husband to be is super important. For example if you want to make sure your makeup and hair look flawless all day and night hiring a makeup artist to stay throughout the reception would be something you want to splurge on.

Try on a lot of dresses

I can’t wait to try on dresses and I can see why trying on a lot of different options is important. A few of you said to try on styles you didn’t originally intend to wear. You never know what might look best on you. You also said to enjoy the moment and try on a ton just for the fun of it-I can definitely get behind that!!

Narrow down guest list

One of my friends, who is currently planning her wedding, told me to narrow down the guest list so that you know what to look for when it comes to venues. Figuring out a guest list and approximate number of guests is crucial to finding the perfect venue in regards to size and budget.

Wear comfortable shoes

This was another common one! A lot of you said that you regretted how uncomfortable your shoes were even though they were gorgeous. My best friend changed into some sparkly sneakers when she got to her reception so she could dance the night away and she said it made a big difference. So make sure your wedding shoes are comfy or bring a pair to change into!


A few of you ladies told me your best advice is to elope haha! Either that or focus on a smaller wedding and save money. I totally get where this advice is coming from because the cost of a wedding is no joke! And I think a lot of times we get so wrapped up in the details of planning a wedding that we get so stressed out and lose out on all the joy. Which takes me to the last piece of advice…

Don’t Stress

A huge takeaway I got from your advice was to not stress out over minor details. Have fun and things will fall into place. So many of you said that the tiny minor details that no one ever even notices are not worth the stress.

Having fun with your groom, friends, and family and celebrating an amazing moment in your life is what it is all about.

If you have any other pieces of advice please comment them down below! And if you’re a bride to be congratulations and hope this was as helpful for you as it was for me!


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