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Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Proposal Boxes

June 11, 2019

Now creating proposal boxes for your bridesmaids and groomsmen is definitely a newer trend and let me tell you I’m here for it! I think it is such a fun idea and I knew that when I got engaged I would definitely create them for my gals. Men I feel like never think of these things on their own so I made David make them for his groomsmen too haha.

There are a lot of cute ideas on Pinterest so I gathered some inspo and then tailored it to my style. I wanted to share with you some ideas and exactly what I put in our boxes and how we created them!

For the bridesmaid proposal boxes I definitely wanted to go bigger. I knew I wanted to incorporate champs (duh) and something personalized, but also a few fun gifts and wedding related items! The groomsmen’s boxes are so fitting for his guys and David was able to personalize them as well!

Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Floral Boxes {Target similar here and here}

I loved these boxes because they’re pretty enough to use again! I knew I wanted everything to go together inside the box so I tried to stick with golds. Almost every item in the box had a gold touch!

Champagne & Sparkling Elderflower Lemonade

Personalized Champagne Flutes

I love these personalized flutes! They’ll be perfect to cheers with on the big day.

Candle & Diamond Matches

I knew I wanted to do a candle because who doesn’t love them! I loved how pretty this one is and the mini size fit perfectly in the box. When I found these diamond matchbooks I was in love! So perfect to go with the candles and matched perfectly with the bridal theme.

Favorite Lipgloss

Lastly I knew I wanted some type of beauty item. These lip-glosses are my favorite and this color is so universal, I knew it would look amazing on all my girls!


I ordered these personalized cards off of Etsy and I love the way they came out! Perfect to pop the question!

Groomsmen Proposal Box


We were able to go smaller with the groomsmen boxes and found this set on Amazon. They worked out perfectly!

-Personalized Shot Glasses

Now these shot glasses are seriously the cutest things ever! You can customize the suit or tux and then add the names of your groomsmen. Another great way to cheers on the big day!

-Mini Bottles of Liquor-easy to customize based on each person’s taste

-Hangover Kit

We ordered these cute bags from Amazon and filled them with some much needed hangover essentials! David put in Alka Seltzer packets, Advil packets, Mini bottles of Scope mouthwash, and bandaids.


I love the cards David picked! Perfect for his groomsmen and he was able to personalize them.

We had so much fun putting these proposals together and I love the way they all came out!

Shop the boxes here:


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