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DIY // Embroidered Patch Denim Jacket

October 16, 2017
embroidered denim jacket

Denim jackets are a wardrobe staple for us. They can be dressed up or down and come in so many different colors and styles.

The patch denim jacket has been popping up everywhere, from reaaally expensive versions (YSL has one for $1,250) to basic trendy versions you can find at Forever 21. Now back in High School I loved patches. When a pair of my favorite jeans started to have tears and rips, I threw on some vintage patches to solve the issues. My favorite part about adding patches or pins to a piece of denim is that it can totally be personal to you.

I like that brands are coming out with affordable versions of the patch denim jacket, but I feel like the fun of having a jacket like this is to make it personalized.

denim jacket

I scored this denim jacket from Forever 21 during one of their flash sales. It is aaaamazing quality, was $8, and is a men’s xs so it fits a little bigger which I love. There were already patches on it (two-thirds of which I hated) and a cute embroidered detail at the back. I figured I could easily remove the disliked patches and personalize it with my own finds! I left the rose patch and cut the other two off the jacket.

Step 1

Find your denim jacket.

Now you can use one you already have in your closet-maybe you have a denim jacket from years past that just needs a refresh. Or you can score some awesome denim jackets at the thrift store or Goodwill. I’ve also linked some affordable ones here!


Step 2

The most fun part of a DIY like this is finding all of the cute details to add to your piece. Etsy was my go-to but there are so many different stores that sell patches and pins now! I linked the patches and pins that I bought for my jacket along with some others I’m loving.


It’s all about personalization which is the best part. You can add as little or as much as you want to your piece. I know that along the way if I find other patches or pins I like I can scoop them up and add them. It will be like a continuous, evolving project!

Step 3

All of the patches I bought are iron on so I used an iron to add them to my jacket. For securing them without a doubt adding a couple stitches will always be the best option. Arrange your patches to see what looks best before you bring out the iron.

iron on patches

Grab a thin piece of fabric (dishtowel or pillowcase) and on the highest heat setting place your iron over your fabric on top of your patch. Press down firmly over each section for about 30 seconds. Allow the patch to cool completely. Turn the jacket inside out and press the iron down firmly on the patch for another 30 more seconds. Let cool for one minute.

patch on back

If the edge of the patch can be lifted repeat the steps again. Allow the patches to cool completely before wearing! I love adding the pins on the jacket collar but they’d look so cute on the pockets too!

disney pin

champagne pin on collar

You know I had to scoop up a champagne pin!

Hope you enjoyed this quick DIY! I ordered this cute patch and pin and I can’t wait to add them. I know that I will be styling this jacket so many different ways this season. Let us know if you try this out with your own denim jacket!


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