Fashion without the Fortune’s Guide to Marshalls

October 27, 2015

So Marshalls has no idea we exist…but we’re basically their number one fans. We frequent the store to find amazing deals on clothing, shoes, handbags, home décor, cosmetic products, dog treats, hot tools…you see where I’m going with this. If they sold groceries we’d probably purchase those there as well.

Why do we love this store so much you ask?

It is honestly because it saves us so much money, and who doesn’t love that?! We can find designer items at a hugely discounted rate, especially if you get lucky at the clearance rack.

Now we’ve had friends and family say to us that they don’t feel like they have the same luck at Marshalls. Some have said they feel overwhelmed or it takes too much work to shop there. We understand! That is why we feel the need to write this post to give you some tips and tricks on how we score major savings and land some amazing finds.

designer styles in marshalls

  1. Start with the clearance racks

When we go into Marshalls we always start with the clearance rack for whatever items we are looking for. If we’re looking for shoes we jump right to the clearance shoe rack before looking at the regular priced merchandise. Clearance is discounted on top of the already discounted Marshalls price-this makes for major savings! If you don’t find what you were looking for at the clearance rack, then move on to the regular priced section.

  1. Try on everything!

We cannot stress enough Marshalls is the type of store where you want to try everything on. Because there are so many different brands sold there, the sizing varies across the board. Often times we’ll have 10 things to bring in the dressing room and only end up leaving with 5. Of course if you prefer to bring things home you can always return or exchange an item, but to be honest I suck at bringing things back to return so I’d rather bite the bullet and try the items on in store.

  1. Check Tags

The racks at Marshalls are packed full. This can often cause items to get put on hangers that might not belong to them. Always check the size on the item tag-don’t always trust the size on the hanger.

  1. Check the Men’s section

We don’t just mean if you’re looking for a much-needed gift for someone (although Marshalls is great for that too) we mean for you. We will look at the Men’s extra-smalls and smalls and score some great boyfriend tees, comfy sweats, and great flannels (see below).

Flannel Ensemb

  1. Marshalls is more than just clothes and shoes

We love the home décor you can find at Marshalls, but even beyond that Marshalls sells amazing soaps, lotions, cosmetics, and hot tools. One of our favorite products to buy is nail polish. We love OPI and Essie polishes because of their gorgeous colors and great quality, but we hate paying $8 a bottle. Marshalls sells these polishes in seasonal colors for a fraction of the price. We normally score our bottle for around 3 bucks. Also make sure to check out their makeup! The same mascara you find in your local drugstore or Target can be found for a fraction of the price. So always double check that section too!



If you are an avid Marshalls shopper like us and have your own tips let us know what they are! We’d love to try yours out too! And if you normally have a difficult time shopping there try our tips and let us know if they work for you! We’d love to hear about your amazing finds.


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