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Wedding Planning Update #2

January 6, 2020

Now that it is 2020, wedding day is officially in sight! Less than 80 days to go and we will be flying off to NOLA for wedding weekend. I’m SO excited, but also nervous! There are just so many details that I stress something could go wrong!

Luckily our planner Natasha from Brooke Casey weddings is amazing and has been keeping us on track!

Photo by:  Mikaela Rose


Since I caught y’all up last, we have ordered our invites through Minted. Our Save the Dates didn’t have a matching invite, but the ones we picked are definitely the same vibe! We love the way they compliment each other. If you’re still on the hunt for invites, I highly recommend Minted! Their customer service is sooo good.

We have a couple events we’re hosting along with the actual wedding day so we needed to customize our RSVP’s. Minted made it super easy to do this and I love the way they all turned out! BTW this is not sponsored by Minted haha, we just had a great experience!!


When I wrote our last Wedding Update post, I was still on the hunt for bridesmaid dresses and so many of you recommended Birdy Grey. I’m so happy you did because I found the perfect dresses for my girls. I love the color and I can’t wait to share them with you!

I landed on the Spence Dress because it’s flattering on different body types and its convertible. They can be styled on or off the shoulder which I love!

Photo by: Kristina Houser


I knew I definitely wanted a videographer! After all is said and done the photos and video are what you have to relive those special moments. When I found Eskimo Love Stories I was SOLD! The way they capture the entire vibe of the wedding is insane. I can’t wait to work with them!


On our last trip out to New Orleans, we met with Kieu from Chasing Wang to design our cake and it was such a fun experience! I definitely want to surprise y’all with the final design, but it is unique and so gorgeous! She is even going to incorporate details from my dress into the design. I. CANNOT. WAIT.


I can’t stop buying white dresses, jumpsuits, and all the other fun pieces that go with being the bride! I neeeeed help haha. Whenever I see a piece that would work for the wedding or bachelorette trip I scoop it up.

So if you’re also a bride to be or just in need of a fun white dress or jumpsuit I figured I’d share what I got so far!


My bachelorette trip is at the end of this month and I can’t wait to share all the details with you! Puertoooo Rico here we come!


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