The Most Important Accessory- A Purse!

December 8, 2015

Hello everyone! Sooo, I decided to do a post about a women’s accessory staple-purses. I have quite a few but most of the time I honestly hate having one with me when I go out shopping, to dinner, Disney or pretty much anywhere-I know i’m crazy. I know they’re convenient to have because you can just dump anything and everything in it, but sometimes I just hate having to carry something and worry about it. Since I typically try to bring a purse everywhere, so that my phone, wallet, lip gloss, gum, and other junk have a place to be, I usually opt for the cross body because sometimes you forget it’s even there!

Lately, however the new trend seems to be backpack purses, which I’m in love with! Kate Spade has one on her website that I find so gorgeous. It seems to be no longer on her website-it must’ve sold out during the private sale that she had, but here is one on her website that is similar! The one I wanted came in black or nude but this red is also stunning! It just looks so classy and perfect for someone like me who doesn’t love to carry a purse!

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 3.04.13 PM

Most of my purses have been bought from TJMaxx or Marshall’s simply because they have name brands at great prices. They carry Badgley Mischka, Coach, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff, and Trina Turk among others! Just as Kat and I said about paying more money for a good pair of jeans I stand by that statement when it comes to purses too. Most people use a purse everyday so therefore I feel it is important to have a purse that is good quality and one that you love. Now not all of my purses are designer names because there are plenty of really nice ones too for around $20-$40!

I wanted to pick out four of my favorite purses and tell you why I love them so much! My first favorite that I bought from Marshall’s for $140 is a Michael Kors cross-body. It is black quilted leather with a gold clasp and gold adjustable chain which allows you to wear it as a cross body or as a double strap shoulder bag. The size of the bag is small but is still capable of fitting my wallet, phone, and accessories with room to spare. This purse is my fav because it is not only stunningly classy and rich looking but it’s well-made and practical. I typically use it when I go out at night.IMG_0074


One of my favorite designers is Rebecca Minkoff. Her styles are so different, and I just want to buy everything she makes from clothes to purses to earrings I just love it all! That’s why my second favorite purse is a Rebecca Minkoff cross-body. I bought this purse at Marshalls for $100 (and no it was not on clearance!).

It was a steal of a find because the retail value was $300 and the size of the purse is quite large. I love this purse for several reasons: the color is a like a shiny nude metallic look and the material of the bag is almost like a crocodile or animal print. It also has studs on the top along the handle and a cute tassel hanging down. There are plenty of compartments to fit stuff in and the inside pattern is blue with black polka dots. This purse is just all around beautiful and was one heck of a deal!

IMG_0063 IMG_0064

Another one of my all time favorite designers is Kate Spade. I love the uniqueness she brings to her items. I found this super cute mint green cross-body by Kate Spade at Marshalls for $120. It is super soft leather with gold accents. It is a fold over cross-body with an additional zipper compartment that provides a great amount of room to put stuff. I love her designs because of the little touches she adds to them. For example on the duster that came with the purse, there is a super girly quote on the front. Little things like that just make her items even better!



Lastly, my other favorite purse is surprisingly not a cross-body. It is an extra large bag that you can carry on your arm. Kate Spade also designs this purse, and I just so happened to find it at Marshall’s. The price was definitely hefty at $250, but it originally retailed for $430. I was lucky enough to get this purse for Christmas because it really is just a timeless bag in my opinion. The color is grey with black handles and has a ton of room to carry stuff. I actually found it to be one of my favorite bags to bring on a job interview because you can fit a folder with your resume or other documents in it rather than having to carry them separately. It is just one of those purses that captures your attention!



I really have so many purses that I’ve purchased over the years, which made it difficult to narrow down my top four. But each of these bags is extremely different and all have different uses. Also, their coloring varies so much that each can be used for a different occasion and it really helps to complete my outfit!

We’d love to hear about some of your favorite bags!



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