//Fall Night Out//

November 13, 2015

After a long week, it is always nice to look forward to doing something fun on the weekend! This weekend Kathryn and I are planning on going for dinner and drinks and ending the night at the movies to see Spotlight (we can’t wait to see it- watch the trailer if you haven’t).

However, if you’re anything like us, it can be difficult to find something to wear- even if our closets are packed full! Now, I learned this from my sister that it is always important to dress to impress because you never know who you’re going to run into and believe me when you least expect it, it will happen. So, since it’s going to be a semi-casual night we both wanted to wear outfits that were stylish but also in keeping with the tone of the evening vibe.


If you’ve read my other post, dressing for a job interview, you would know that I love wearing pants simply because they are easy to style and most of the time pretty comfortable! And since distressed denim is in style I chose to wear black ripped jeans.


Even if I don’t know what top to wear, at least I know my foundation is pants haha. Now, searching for a shirt that is semi-dressy but also comfortable and not too over the top is more difficult for me. I have a ton of shirts (mainly tees) but I always feel that none of them look good, of course.


Since I’m wearing the black pants, I figured a nice color would compliment the jeans, so I opt for a blue snakeskin printed blouse. I love this shirt because it’s a sheer material so it’s nice and thin and fits loose. To top off the outfit I chose to wear a navy blue and black faux leather jacket because movie theaters are typically chilly, and I think it completes the outfit along with my black riding boots and grey and black bag.


As for Kat’s outfit, she has more variety in her wardrobe but she absolutely loves her dresses and maxi skirts. Now, even though the temperatures in Florida don’t represent it-Fall is here! When all the stores were clearing out their fall fashion styles last year, Kat found a mustard yellowish colored maxi skirt at Marshalls for only $7.50!


Since she loves her maxi skirts she chose to wear this and pair it with a flowy black top, which is perfect because both are comfy and are a perfect for a night out. She is obsessed with these lace up flats. She had been on the hunt for a pair but didn’t want to spend upwards of $80.

She was so excited when she found a gorggg pair for only $33 here!


And of course you can never go wrong with a Tory Burch purse!


Everyone has their own process on figuring out what to wear when going out and making sure that you look appropriate for whatever your plans are so we would love if you all would share some tips or some of your go to pieces of clothing when you are getting ready for some weekend fun!

We hope if you’re ever struggling figuring out how to dress that our posts will give you some ideas! I mean honestly, you can never go wrong with high wasted pants/maxi skirt and a loosey top especiallyyy when you’re planning on eating and drinking! Enjoy your weekend!


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