Dressing for Holiday Festivities!

November 25, 2015

Usually, around the holidays people have festivities planned whether they be office parties, dinners, or gathering at friends and families. Most of the time the dress code of the event is dressy, but it’s always nice to go that extra mile and wear something associated with the holidays. I’m not saying you need to wear red and green to be festive, but quite often you can find something with some kind of holiday spirit in your closet. Whether it be sequins, sparkles, a white or green blazer, a sweater, dress, or sparkly shoes, you can pretty much use anything you think has a little bit more pizazz than usual!
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Kat has been trying to start a tradition of throwing a holiday party once a year and she always encourages (demands haha) people to dress up in something celebratory. Often at times people are unsure of what to wear to holiday gatherings because they don’t want to be too dressy or too casual.

So a simple rule I like to go by is for women wear a dress, skirt or dress pants with a sweater or dressy blouse, or jumpsuit but make sure you would be able to wear it to a nice dinner not a ball or lunch. As for men, you don’t need to wear a full suit unless you want to! But some nice dress slacks and collared shirt, with or without the blazer is appropriate! To step it up a notch would be to add some sparkle or holiday color as I said earlier.

We’ve linked some similar options to what we’re wearing down below!

2015-11-21 FWOTF Blog Outfit One-1

Now, as you all know I am not a fan of dresses or skirts so I tend always wear dress pants. For a holiday party I knew I would have a hard time deciding on a shirt to wear. Luckily, I have a green pair of dress pants that I love so I of course chose to wear those.  If I didn’t have them, I would opt for classic black pants.

As for the shirt, I ended up buying this one from Marshall’s even though I had a variety of shirts to wear in my closet this party was another excuse to go shopping! I was looking for a shirt with some added sparkles, and I ended up finding a beautiful sleeveless white top (remember we live in Florida) that has a bejeweled neck for $20 (pricier than I’d usually pay but well worth it). I really like the white and green combination because it’s so fresh!

2015-11-21 FWOTF Blog Outfit One-2

To top it off I wore theses gold BCBG sparkle flats I got a few years ago from Dillard’s. They are a flat you can wear all year round but were perfect for this occasion because of the color, sparkle and for the fact that they were already in my closet! What makes this outfit the best was the fact that it was very comfortable, and I pretty much had everything so it was easy to put together-which is very unusual for me!

2015-11-21 FWOTF Blog Outfit One-3
As we all know Kat is the real fashionista so she really put together a nice outfit for her holiday party! What’s even sweeter is that she had all the items and didn’t have to spend a penny buying new stuff (which explains why her closet is twice the size of mine!) Since Kat likes to change it up and enjoys wearing dresses and skirts that sometimes gives her more room to be creative when choosing what to wear. She chose a glitter and sequined tulle black skirt that is almost like a tu-tu filled with black and silver sparkled sequins from Forever 21.

2015-11-21 FWOTF Blog Outfit Two-1

She chose to pair it with black tights and a white long-sleeved blouse, both from Target, with an embellished detailing on the front.

In case it got chilly, she also has a green and black blazer from Forever 21 that could be thrown on as an added holiday touch! As for shoes she wore her go to classic Jessica Simpson black suede heels. She wears them a ton because she tells me they go with everything, are just the right height, and, most important, are super comfy!

2015-11-21 FWOTF Blog Outfit Two-4

2015-11-21 FWOTF Blog Outfit Two-3

There you have it, our tips to dressing up for a holiday outing! This is just to give some input and help guide you in the right direction when you may be stressing about what to wear for holiday festivities! Remember, no need to go crazy just because you don’t have something red or green! Anything with a little glam or even the classic black will do just fine!

-All photos by Rachel Lamb-

-We had a fantastic time working with her and you should definitely check her work out and visit her site!-

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