Shopping SHEIN {tips & tricks}

September 18, 2018

Being affordable fashion bloggers, Tee and I are always looking for stores, online or in person, that cater to quality clothes for a great price. As you know some of our favorite places to shop are Marshalls and TJ Maxx because not only are they affordable, they have amazing brand names too. When we’re shopping online we’re always trying to scoop up the best deals and steals! We totally agree with investing in timeless pieces and accessories, but when it comes to more trendy items we really don’t see any reason to splurge!

{Green dress $15, comes in a ton of other colors}

One of our favorite online retailers to shop is Shein. I get a TON of questions whenever I post a Shein item. People want to know if it’s legit, well-made, etc. and I totally understand why! Shein is SO cheap, it makes other affordable fashion retailers look like Gucci. And I love shopping their stuff, but it definitely takes some technique to get pieces you’ll love! We thought we’d share a few tips and tricks on how to best shop their site for super cute, affordable, trendy pieces!

{Striped top $12, also comes in yellow}

Read Reviews

Shein reviews are legitimately like a lifeline when shopping! I always focus on pieces that have a ton of reviews and photos. This way you can get a better idea on size, length, and material quality. The photos are super helpful because you can get different ideas on how to style the pieces as well. If the item doesn’t have any reviews and you’re still loving it then…..

Expect the Unexpected

Reading that tip you’re probably like uhhhh what?? haha but what we mean is sometimes the risk is worth the reward when it comes to Shein pieces. I always tell people if you reaaaally love an item and there are no reviews, no real life pictures anywhere you have to make the decision to risk or not to risk! Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. Overall I have really lucked out with this strategy, with a couple of misses thrown in there. Sometimes the piece comes and it’s a winner and sometimes it comes and it’s a flop. Either way you can be the first reviewer and help out a gal in need!

{Green Pearl top $10, comes in two other colors}

{Polka dot pants $16, one of my favorite finds ever!}

Consider Price

Now this isn’t always true but with all the pieces I’ve gotten I have to say the higher the price point the more effort that went into material/construction. Most of my pieces in the 15-20 range are definitely pieces that really feel expensive and well made. But then you find a dress like this one and that theory goes out the window (amazingly soft material!).

{Striped dress, sold out in red, still available in black $11}

{Striped babydoll top $13, comes in SO many other colors}

Designer for Less

A lot of times designers and more expensive brands will come out with some fun trendy pieces, but the prices are still super high! Yes you love the items, but are you going to love them a year from now? Whenever a more expensive brand comes out with a style I love I always check Shein first. A lot of times they have similar pieces to the more trendy items out on the market, but for a fraction of the cost! So if you’re not willing to splurge on that Free People dress look on Shein and see if you can track down something similar-I almost guarantee you will!

{Tweed dress $18}

Let us know if you’ve shopped Shein before and if your experience was good or bad. Hopefully our tips will help you find some great affordable pieces! We’d love if you share your finds with us!


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