Summer Essentials

June 26, 2018

Living in Florida, we are hot all year round. I mean we may get those few weeks of winter, but other than that it’s sweat city over here. Not complaining because with that heat comes beach hangs, palm trees, and sunny days!

As a teacher, I’m consistently running around on the job. As a teacher in Florida I’m constantly running around and sweating on the job. I was so tired of being only a couple hours into the school day and feeling like my deodorant had already quit on me. Now as you know, kids have no filter. If something stinks they’re going to let you know! If you have sweat stains ruining your pretty blue blouse, they’re going to let you know!

So here we are today-I moved on to a deodorant that actually does what it is supposed to do-Secret Clinical Strength keeps me dry all day. I don’t have time to be reapplying deodorant multiple times a day, or worry if I’m sweating through my clothes. I’m able to use Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid just once for all-day, strong wetness protection.

Y’all know we don’t recommend a product on here if it isn’t legit so this deodorant is tried and tested in the hot FL sun, and I have to say 10 out of 10 would recommend! I have high standards with my skincare routine, so I needed to have higher standards for my deodorant game. And here we are! I mean if a deodorant can keep up with me on a hot Florida day, in June, at Disney World we have a winner!

Check it out for yourself at Target!

Thank you Secret for sponsoring this post. As always all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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