Get READY with us //NYE edition//

December 30, 2015

Now in no way are we makeup artists, but we loveeee playing with makeup and trying new products.

It is so fun to create an entire makeup look that can transform your outfit and kick it up a notch {or two, haha}.


Today I did a fun grey and silver smokey eye on Tee that would be perfect for New Year’s Eve! Even if you are just wearing a simple outfit, this eye makeup will transform your look perfect for a fun party or event-or just hanging on your couch drinking champs, which is always a good idea!

Keep on reading for a step by step guide on how to recreate this fun look!


Starting with your eye makeup is key to avoid any fall out or messy shadow ruining your foundation.

I primed Tee’s eyes with MAC Pro Longwear concealer because it really makes the shadows last and stand out. I then set it with a little powder.

For this eye look I used Tee’s Bobbi Brown Greige Eye Palette. Now this palette is pretty pricey but you are paying for amazing, quality eyeshadows. You can honestly use any shadows you like and get the same effect! Nyx makes a palette with very similar colors.


I took this bottom left color from the palette and swept it in the crease of the eyelid to create a transition. This color sets the foundation for all the other colors you’ll place on top of it. I used a big fluffy brush and you do not have to be precise with this step!


Next I took a shade that is slightly deeper {3rd from the bottom left in the Greige palette} with a slightly smaller brush and placed that in the crease of the eye on top of the lighter shade we just placed down.


When I was trying different makeup techniques I didn’t realize how important these steps are in creating an eye look! I thought I could just plop down some glittery eye shadow and call it a day-but creating a base really pulls everything together.


Finally to add some dimension and deepen the look up I used a precise brush and dipped it in the darkest color in the palette.


I placed this color just in the outer corner of the eye and swept whatever was remaining on the brush into the crease.


You can always build it up to be darker so just start with a light amount and add to it.

The most important tip {that I learned from beauty bloggers} is blending. Between each step I go in with a larger fluffier brush and blend everything to look smokey, not harsh.

Now for the fun pop of shimmer!

My absolute favorite tip when applying a glittery or shimmer color on the lid is to wet the brush first, then dip it into the shadow.


Now the best way to do this is using eyedrops and just squeezing a drop onto your hand. Water doesn’t work but spit does, haha if you’re ever in a bind!


Dip your brush into the liquid and then into the eyeshadow. This just makes the shimmer that much more vibrant and metallic on your eyes!


You want a flat brush for this step because you’re just going to be patting the color onto the lid. Don’t go up into the crease with this shade.


Now this step is optional but we love a winged eyeliner. Channeling Adele I did a major wing, which you don’t have to do, but it does really amp up the look!


My absolute favorite liquid liner {and I’ve tried so many} is by Eyeko. It glides on so smooth and is so easy to use.


Just add some mascara to your lashes and we’ll move onto face!

As I mentioned in our Favorite Makeup products post, I still can’t get enough of the L’oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation. It is perfect for NYE because it is super long lasting!


It works great with the Real Techniques Sponge. Put a light layer all over your face and don’t forget down your neck!


I absolutely love to highlight the face and I used another drugstore favorite to do so -Maybelline Fit Me concealer. It is super creamy and lightweight!


I highlighted under Tee’s eyes, down her nose, on her chin, above her top lip, and the center of her forehead.

If you just highlight under the eyes, sometimes it can look inconsistent with the rest of your face.


Setting the concealer and foundation is super important for it lasting through a night of fun!

I use Ben Nye powder and dust it lightly over over the face.


The finishing touches to the face are adding some blush to the apples and up the cheekbones of Tee’s face.


I also used my favorite L’oreal True Match powder in Cocoa to lightly contour her face and then added Becca’s shimmering skin perfecter in Opal on the cheekbones and down the nose.


Now false eyelashes are completely optional. I always love the way they look with a smokey eye, but a few coats of mascara can also do the trick!


I love these Sonia Kashuk ones from Target because they are super affordable and easy to find at your local Target. I also love this easy to use Revlon lash glue.

The number one trick for putting on fake lashes is waiting for the glue to get tacky {I literally wait almost 4 minutes}. It makes all the difference!DSC_0679

The finishing touches to this look are some black eyeliner in the water line of the eye and dusting some of the shadows we used on the lid onto the lower lash line.

Don’t forget mascara on the lower lashes too!


Since the eyes are the focal point of this look, we went with a more neutral lip.


I absolutely love this combo of Nyx Soft Matte lip cream in Antwerp and Jordana Cosmetics liner in Tawny. They are long lasting and so affordable!


A spritz of some Mario Badescu Rose Water to blend everything together and you’re out the door!


Hope you like the finished product and you try it out!



Hope you have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve!

See you in 2016!!


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