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Bridesmaid Dress Details

February 15, 2022

Picking bridesmaid dresses is one of the toughest parts of wedding planning in my opinion! You want your girls to feel and look beautiful, find a color that flatters everyone, and a style that everyone likes. Another aspect is affordability. Having a destination wedding especially, I did not want to put pressure on spending a ton of money on a dress after my bridesmaids were already paying for flights/hotels.

Birdy Grey couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! Their dresses are timeless, come in so many different colors and styles, and are SO affordable. I originally loved the Spence dress and the ability to style the straps different ways. The sage green color I picked was perfect. Especially the fact that our wedding went from spring to winter. The sage green transitioned so perfectly.

The thing that set Birdy Grey apart for me was their customer service. The fact that our wedding was postponed almost two years, sizes change and Birdy Grey accommodated us so much. They make it so easy to try dresses on and exchange sizes and styles. When new sizes are needed a couple weeks before the wedding Birdy Grey went out of their way to make sure we had the right sizes.

The Spence dress

I love the off the shoulder style of this dress. It definitely runs small in the bust area so keep that in mind. It might not be the best cut for everyone! Most of my girls did need to size up in this style.

The Shamin V Neck dress

My bridesmaid Jen wore this style and it looked amaaazing on her. It is such a classic cut, but the slit adds such a vibe. This style runs true to size.

The Jane Convertible dress

My bridesmaid Monica wore this style. It has such a fun ruffle detail and can be worn off the shoulder! It is so figure flattering and definitely has more give in the bust area.

Photos by Kristen Soileau

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Winter Wedding Finds for the Bride

November 3, 2021

Since our wedding has switched from a spring wedding to a winter wedding I have found it much more difficult to find winter wedding looks. Sooo many white dresses appear for the spring and summer seasons and I had no trouble at all styling looks for our original March date! So if you’re a winter bride like myself, I thought I’d round up some wedding options for all of your festivities. I can’t wait to share my outfits with y’all after our wedding week!

Welcome Party


Rehearsal Dinner


Second Look or After Party




Comfy Travel

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Wedding Update #3

June 29, 2021

Not only have I not written a blogpost in so long but the wedding updates completely fell off after the pandemic hit. I was so bummed about our wedding being postponed that I didn’t even want to think about wedding related stuff for the longest time!

We were two weeks out from our original wedding date 3/27/20 when we had to make the call to postpone. Obviously I’m so glad we did because a few days later the world was shut down. A few months later in the scheme of the pandemic/life itself a postponed wedding seemed so trivial. We had a new date 11/19/20 that in the back of my mind I knew wouldn’t happen. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted it to! But I really wanted it to be right.

Wedding planning had been so much fun and we were so excited for all the details we had planned. I couldn’t imagine risking that all and putting our guests in bad situations. So here we are! About five months out from our third wedding date, 12/3/21.

I can’t believe we are finaaaally getting married and the wedding talk has begun again. It is a strange feeling to transport back to all of our original ideas and plans. It feels like that time was so long ago. So much has happened in the world since then. What once was a spring wedding is now a winter wedding but honestly our vision remains the same! I feel excited to start thinking wedding details again. For the past year I honestly couldn’t think about anything wedding related, but now I finally feel like I can see our wedding happening again.

This time with the added addition of our little baby! Things really do change in a year and a half haha!

I am excited to share the remainder of the wedding process with you and all the fun finds and details with you brides to be! Whether you’re a covid bride like myself or just starting the planning process, I hope I can be a good resource! And don’t forget to check out my original wedding posts here!


Gift Guide for your Fave Gal

November 15, 2020

Ok so the last gift guide I wrote was probably a MILLION years ago! I’ve been majorly slacking on the blog posts so I thought what better time to jump back in.

I found sooo many cute gifts for the girl in your life! Whether it be your sister, friend, girlfriend, etc. these are some majorly cute presents. I threw them into categories based on her ultimate favorite things to make it easy on ya!

For the Bravo lover
For the Cozy Gal
For the Glam Gal
For the Foodie Gal

The Real on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

August 9, 2020

Let’s get real about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I am not one to go crazy on this sale because honestly so much of it is repetitive. A lot of the sweaters look the same year after year and I find so many identical ones at Marshalls for a quarter of the price. But on the other end there are a couple of pieces I know are worth it and I swear by them year after year!

I wanted to share a few pieces I recommend and a few that I’m gonna scoop up this year (as long as they don’t sell out!).

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Wedding Planning Update #2

January 6, 2020

Now that it is 2020, wedding day is officially in sight! Less than 80 days to go and we will be flying off to NOLA for wedding weekend. I’m SO excited, but also nervous! There are just so many details that I stress something could go wrong!

Luckily our planner Natasha from Brooke Casey weddings is amazing and has been keeping us on track!

Photo by:  Mikaela Rose


Since I caught y’all up last, we have ordered our invites through Minted. Our Save the Dates didn’t have a matching invite, but the ones we picked are definitely the same vibe! We love the way they compliment each other. If you’re still on the hunt for invites, I highly recommend Minted! Their customer service is sooo good.

We have a couple events we’re hosting along with the actual wedding day so we needed to customize our RSVP’s. Minted made it super easy to do this and I love the way they all turned out! BTW this is not sponsored by Minted haha, we just had a great experience!!


When I wrote our last Wedding Update post, I was still on the hunt for bridesmaid dresses and so many of you recommended Birdy Grey. I’m so happy you did because I found the perfect dresses for my girls. I love the color and I can’t wait to share them with you!

I landed on the Spence Dress because it’s flattering on different body types and its convertible. They can be styled on or off the shoulder which I love!

Photo by: Kristina Houser


I knew I definitely wanted a videographer! After all is said and done the photos and video are what you have to relive those special moments. When I found Eskimo Love Stories I was SOLD! The way they capture the entire vibe of the wedding is insane. I can’t wait to work with them!


On our last trip out to New Orleans, we met with Kieu from Chasing Wang to design our cake and it was such a fun experience! I definitely want to surprise y’all with the final design, but it is unique and so gorgeous! She is even going to incorporate details from my dress into the design. I. CANNOT. WAIT.


I can’t stop buying white dresses, jumpsuits, and all the other fun pieces that go with being the bride! I neeeeed help haha. Whenever I see a piece that would work for the wedding or bachelorette trip I scoop it up.

So if you’re also a bride to be or just in need of a fun white dress or jumpsuit I figured I’d share what I got so far!


My bachelorette trip is at the end of this month and I can’t wait to share all the details with you! Puertoooo Rico here we come!


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Top 10 Bestsellers of 2019

December 30, 2019

I got the idea to share my top 10 bestsellers of the year from my fellow blogger Carlyle, check out her blog here!

When I took a look at my analytics, almost every one of my best sellers is from Amazon! So I seriously need to share more of my Amazon favorites with y’all. But after taking a deep dive into what pieces sold the most this year, I’m not too surprised! A lot of them are my favorite items that I wear on the daily.

So here we go, the top 10 bestsellers of 2019:


AE Mom Jeans

Probably one of my most worn pair of jeans EVER! So comfy & flattering. Also on major sale right now!

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Top Ten MUST-HAVE closet essentials for TEACHERS

August 11, 2019

The school year has begun for us in Florida which means the end of summer sadness kicks in #werenotready. While most of the back to school ads focus on the kids’ wardrobes, us teachers need some wardrobe freshening up too!

My first year teaching I really wasn’t sure about what to wear to work everyday. I knew I needed clothes that were professional and functional but I felt kind of stuck in a boring routine. I scoured Pinterest for some ideas but there were only a few inspo pics at the time. If you’re a new teacher or just in need of a workwear closet reset, I’m here to help!

Most of my essentials are focused more on a business casusal workplace setting, but you could definitely dress these pieces up (add a blazer/heels) if your office is more professional. So here goes, my top ten must-have closet essentials to get you going for a successful school year ahead!

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Wedding Planning Update #1

July 2, 2019

Hey guys! I wanted to share a little wedding planning update with you. I can’t believe it’s already July! Where is the time going?! Our wedding is in March so while we still have a good amount of time to go, I know how fast it’ll be here.

I figured to update my Down the Aisle series I’d share where we are at in the planning process and some major things we’ve accomplished thus far. I also post to this Pinterest board alllll the time!

We hired a wedding planner to help us along the way and it has been SO helpful! Especially planning from afar. Our wedding is in New Orleans and not being able to be there all the time can be a bit difficult but our planner Natasha has been amazing! Before we hired our planner we used The Knot’s checklist to keep us on track and that’s super helpful as well.

We sent out our Bridesmaids and Groomsmen proposal boxes. You can check out the rundown here of how we created them! Luckily not one said no to the request 😉

We have secured some pretty major vendors, florist, lighting, and photographer and I’m obsessed with all their prior work! I wanted to share some photos with you of some inspo I have for our wedding. I’m definitely leaning with a neutral, bright color scheme and a lot of pretty greenery thrown in. Our venue is primarily outdoors with some of the food and cake inside. But the ceremony will be held outdoors as well as most of the reception.

We also sent out our Save the Dates and set up our wedding website! We created our Save the Dates through Minted and I love the way they came out. Our website is through the Knot and it was really easy to customize!

I did say yes to the dress! Ahhhh! I honestly could’ve bought a million wedding dresses, this part was so hard. I love my dress and can’t wait to see it again once it comes in! I’m an idiot and was so wrapped up in the excitement I never took a cute ‘I said yes to the dress’ photo in regular clothes haha. So when I go back for alterations I will definitely have to snap one of those for the memories of course!

Our checklist for this month is to secure a DJ. This is super hard because I loooove music and I definitely want everyone on the dance floor at our wedding. The DJ is such a huge part of the atmosphere at a wedding!

I’m also still trying to figure out bridesmaids dresses. I knew I definitely wanted some sparkle when it comes to my girls’ dresses and finding that has been tough while making sure the dress is flattering for everyone.

There’s still so much to plan but I’m lucky that David is so helpful and honestly 100% more organized than me haha. I think that has really made the process more fun and way less stressful!

I can’t wait to share more details along the way!

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Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Proposal Boxes

June 11, 2019

Now creating proposal boxes for your bridesmaids and groomsmen is definitely a newer trend and let me tell you I’m here for it! I think it is such a fun idea and I knew that when I got engaged I would definitely create them for my gals. Men I feel like never think of these things on their own so I made David make them for his groomsmen too haha.

There are a lot of cute ideas on Pinterest so I gathered some inspo and then tailored it to my style. I wanted to share with you some ideas and exactly what I put in our boxes and how we created them!

For the bridesmaid proposal boxes I definitely wanted to go bigger. I knew I wanted to incorporate champs (duh) and something personalized, but also a few fun gifts and wedding related items! The groomsmen’s boxes are so fitting for his guys and David was able to personalize them as well!

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