Summer Favorite // Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

July 10, 2018

I love summer-schools out, beach days, summer drinks! One of my favorite summer drinks has always been frozen lemonade. When good old Mcds brought out frozen strawberry lemonade a couple years back we were obsessed! It was SO good. So when it disappeared from our lives we needed to figure out could it be recreated….

aaaand it can!

I really think the key to this strawberry lemonade is the strawberry simple syrup. It tastes so fresh and it’s super easy to make!

strawberry simple syrup

you need:

-one pound of strawberries

-two cups of water

-one cup of sugar

-small mesh strainer

(in the future I’m going to double this recipe to make more syrup, it was that good!)



-rinse strawberries & slice them into fourths

-place the strawberries into a saucepan and cover with the water

-bring to a boil

cut strawberries

boil strawberries

-reduce to a medium simmer & cook for about 15 to 20 minutes or until strawberries have lost their color (the water should now be a dark pink)

-remove the pan from heat and strain the strawberry liquid through the strainer

-once the berries are strained, toss them, and add a cup of sugar to the strawberry liquid



-bring the liquid back to a boil and stir the sugar until it dissolves completely

-turn down the heat and let the liquid simmer for about 5-10 minutes

-cool completely and store any extra covered in the fridge

frozen lemonade

you need:

-lemonade (We used Publix brand old fashioned lemonade, but you could definitely squeeze your own or use another brand)





-blend together ice and lemonade

-the more ice you use, the thicker the consistency of the lemonade, but the less tart the lemonade becomes so it’s all personal preference

to assemble:

-pour the strawberry simple syrup in the bottom of the glass

-layer the frozen lemonade on top

-drink it up !!



You could definitely blend the simple syrup into the lemonade if you wanted, but I love the layered look. And i feel like you truly get the fresh strawberry taste!

You could also make this into a cocktail by blending some vodka into the frozen lemonade mixture! It would be soooo good and refreshing.

Let us know if you make this frozen strawberry lemonade & how you like it!


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