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//Dressing for a Job Interview//

November 6, 2015

So, since I have a job interview coming up for a job that I’m super excited for, I decided to write a post about how to dress for any job interview in case there are any readers out there who panic when they have to decide on what to wear.

Preparing mentally for an interview is stressful enough, so hopefully this will help take some stress away from the physical preparation! One of the first things my sister told me about dressing for my very first job interview was that you’d rather over dress than be too casual.

Now, obviously I’m not advising anyone to wear a ball gown when going on an interview, but you should try to find something that is classy and professional all while being comfortable because you want to make sure you can be yourself too! Some of the rules I’ve learned over the years when interviewing for a job are; don’t wear open toed shoes, extreme makeup colors, shorts or capris, or anything too revealing.

I feel some of this information is common sense to most people, but I’m still going to slip it in just in case someone is unaware or going on their first interview. Typically, at least in my opinion, if I would wear a skirt or dress for an interview (which is doubtful only because I’m more comfy in pants) I would make sure that it was knee length just to be safe.




Since I don’t wear many skirts or dresses, I always opt for the dress pants with either a button down collared shirt and blazer or just a dressy blouse. Especially in the cooler part of the year I love wearing a collared shirt with a sweater over it because I always feel so professional! I pretty much have every color in dress pants and button up shirts, and they were all bought at great prices!

Just because I dress professional doesn’t mean I have to limit my stylish side. There are plenty of dressy/classy clothes that are super stylish and have extra little details on them that make the items pop rather than seem mundane and drab.

As for shoes, I really don’t wear heels, even when I go out, because I never feel comfortable in them even though I think they are gorgeous! I usually choose to wear flats or one of my favorite types of shoes, oxfords. I think heels (that aren’t too flashy or high), flats, loafers or oxfords are all great options to wear for an interview.

All of my shoes are from Marshalls and Ross and most of my button down shirts are from J-Crew and are no more than $15 (I buy them when their sale items are an additional 50% off). I usually find some great deals at Bealls (shocking, I know), Marshalls, and TJMaxx. Also, I have a large selection of blazers from Forever 21, Express outlet, H&M, and Nordstrom Rack all of which were surprisingly super steals! It’s important to look at certain times of the year when they are putting all those items on sale.




There really are so many options when trying to figure out how to dress for an interview that there isn’t one right way or a limit to what you can wear. The options listed in this post are just items that I am drawn to when deciding how to dress and tips I’ve picked up from people when going on an interview.

I have always loved dressing in business attire because I always feel so important when I do, but my sister is much more of a fashionista than I am so, she always has a little more style pop when picking out her outfits. Like I said, there is no right way on how to dress for an interview, but since there are still so many questions on what to wear I figured I’d share my opinion and hopefully give a little insight into this area!



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