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December 2015


//STATEMENT shoes//

December 7, 2015

We loveeeee shoes! From heels to flats to sneakers and boots, we literally can never get enough. As many people who know us can tell you, we may have a slighttttt shoe addiction.

It is really fun to style an entire look around a pair of shoes. Having the shoes be the star can make the rest of the outfit more simple and laid back. Starting from the shoes and working backwards can actually make it easier to get ready! You know your focal point and just have to find pieces that will compliment your choice of shoes.

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//Sequins + Polka Dots//

December 3, 2015

Dressing up for the Holidays allows you to break out those pieces in your closet you may not ordinarily wear! Pulling out your sequins, polka dots, and bright red skirts and pairing them together is festive and fun!

2015-11-21 FWOTF Blog Outfit Four-1

2015-11-21 FWOTF Blog Outfit Three-2

Tee took her fave gold and black sequin blouse and toned it down with a dark skinny jean. Sequins can definitely be worn casual when paired with more understated pieces! Do not be afraid to rock sequins to a less formal event.

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~Amazing Gifts for Men Under $20~

December 1, 2015

Shopping for presents around the holidays is difficult as it is but not knowing what to get someone and dealing with the crowds and expensive price tags, can really make the experience unenjoyable.  Shopping for men can make things even more stressful because either they never want anything or they don’t know what they want because they never go out shopping. For these reasons, we decided to make an under $20 gift guide for men in hopes that it will make your lives a bit easier!

Not to sound redundant but every TJ Maxx and Marshalls (no matter the location) has a men’s section around Christmas and a section with bar utensils containing tons of great options for great prices. Everything from whiskey glasses to poker sets to beer card games can be found at these stores. They can be great for brothers, dads, husbands or even just guy friends young and old.

A great gift for only $12.99 at Marshalls are a set of two diamond shaped whiskey glasses that lay tilted on their side. I found them online for $16. If you just Google ‘diamond shaped whiskey glasses’ several listings come up, but I have yet to see one priced as low as the Marshalls price and most of the online stores that carry the glasses are located in Europe so there is a bit of a price difference.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 6.58.31 PM

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