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October 2015


Fashion without the Fortune’s Guide to Nordstrom Rack

October 29, 2015

Even though Nordstrom Rack is the discount version of Nordstrom, it can still be a very pricey shopping spree at times.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find some great deals there. They typically have an additional 25% or 30% off clearance at certain times of the month, called clear the rack! Even when clear the rack isn’t going on, we typically shop only in the clearance clothes section because they have a large selection of nice stuff, then we meander to the shoes and accessories to see what’s going on in those departments.

 nordrack ensemb

Like I said before, since their clothing, shoes, and accessories consist of higher priced, name brand designers some of the items you pick up will give you a heart attack when look at the price tag-even if it is on clearance, trust me!

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October 28, 2015

Distressed denim is everywhere now and we are definitely lovers of the trend. I seem to have been collecting a pair in every color because I can’t get enough and ordinary denim is well, feeling kind of ordinary.



We have styled two black pairs of distressed denim, one more casual and one a little dressier. Distressed denim can be worn either way and adds that little touch of edge to a dressier look!


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Fashion without the Fortune’s Guide to Marshalls

October 27, 2015

So Marshalls has no idea we exist…but we’re basically their number one fans. We frequent the store to find amazing deals on clothing, shoes, handbags, home décor, cosmetic products, dog treats, hot tools…you see where I’m going with this. If they sold groceries we’d probably purchase those there as well.

Why do we love this store so much you ask?

It is honestly because it saves us so much money, and who doesn’t love that?! We can find designer items at a hugely discounted rate, especially if you get lucky at the clearance rack.

Now we’ve had friends and family say to us that they don’t feel like they have the same luck at Marshalls. Some have said they feel overwhelmed or it takes too much work to shop there. We understand! That is why we feel the need to write this post to give you some tips and tricks on how we score major savings and land some amazing finds.

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